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What does IT Plus Solutions do?

We offer the following services at friendly costs: Computer Networking, IT Training, IT consultancy, Software development, Website Hosting and Domain Registration, Computer Graphics Design, Hardware Repair and Maintenance

Where is the company located?

IT Plus Solutions LTD is located in Lubya I zone, Namuggoona, Rubaga Kampala along Matovu Road, off Nakibinge Road. We are welcome to our offices (Monday -Friday. 8:30am-5:30pm)

What program does IT Plus Solutions have for social corporate responsibility?

IT Plus offers services to special interest groups at unbelievable rates as a way of contribution to their work they do for the community. The areas of special interest groups should be along the lines of environment, health and education.

Does IT Plus offer Internship programme? If yes what time of the year?

Yes, we do. IT Plus has no specific time of the year when interns are admitted. Admissions of interns at IT Plus depends on availability of the internship vacancy and the area of interest of the intern. Interns are normally subjected to a write interview. IT Plus has currently five positions for internship

What values makes IT Plus Solution LTD unique?

AT IT Plus, our accomplishments are always guided by six core values of Innovation, Integrity, Passion, Quality, and Respect. We at IT Plus believe these values lead us in the process of powering our clients business to active vision.

What are your rates?

Rates vary, depending on skills, timelines, project nature etc. Please visit us for the actual quotations.

What is the quality of people you employ?

Every year, IT PLUS attracts highly qualified and motivated young professional that have a passion for working on challenging projects that deliver world class solutions to our customers. We then expose them to our dynamic and exciting work place through mentorship programs that see these new entrants into experienced professional that can head project teams.

Can you come on-site?

Yes we do, where required. This could be especially useful in initial requirements collection, final implementation or other points agreed upon in the inception meeting. This is also subject to the nature of work. In such cases, our consultants will work on-site at pre-decided rates.

When do you begin receiving internship applications from students interested in your company?

The link for internship is now active. Please register at http://www.itplusuganda.com/internship.php